Oh, yeah! Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” is in theaters everywhere August 1. Get your tickets

This is one of the first Tumblr ads that actually worked on me. I will adopt a raccoon.




Hallie and Alex are the next CH crew to be sketched out.

You should probably follow these two on twitter. They’re pretty tough to find, though - absolutely zany twitter names.

Cool! I like that I am the only one in a chair so far. Takin’ it easy.

Both of you were going to be sitting, but it made Alex look like he was trying too hard to be counter culture, so he’s standing as a post-ironic gesture. #pretentiousArtistExplanation


tllgoat asked:

Party Goatz are great, by why aren't you using your goat powers to educate and inform people about the harsh truths that make up the modern world?



that sounds like an awful party