saykaty asked:

I'm just gonna join that anon's question. Why'd you decide to go veggie?


I was having this recurring dream about a little pig named Peanut who followed me around as I walked about the country. I would feed him apple slices I cut with a machete and he would laugh like a human baby. I think he was just a manifestation of all of the pro-vegetarian stuff I had read and seen, but I still consider him a good friend of mine. You can probably understand how I wouldn’t want to eat that, even if how I got someone to give me a machete remains a total mystery.

I haven’t seen Peanut in a while, but if I ever do see him again, I’ll probably just stare down at my feet and say “It’s not like I support factory farming or anything,” cut up a nice red apple, and wait for him to start giggling again so we can continue our journey.


Anonymous asked:

are you a vegetarian? if so, how long have you been one?


I was for a brief period, but it got really expensive and my cheapo “peanut butter and bread” (which, interestingly enough, is what I still eat most of the time) version of vegetarian eating was taking a toll on both my physical and emotional states. I realize that a person with food is already a very fortunate person, but I think we really need to stop accepting the fact that eating and eating well are two very different things. Healthy should not be a luxury.


DAY #1

Yeah,I’m at the gym at MIDNIGHT on liftin the big weights so I can be ready for summertime a-ok. But here’s an idea, you Fuckin Pencilbody: QUIT WHININ. People get mad when the bigboys like me post on social media about our gym habits. ShHUT UP. Two words You should LIVE BY. Every rep I…

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in my life—and my parents made me read “Zits” every morning.


Me in two years.

I tried this thing Shelby mentioned because it seems fun and I don’t have money.