My friend’s brother—frother, if you will (please don’t)—Sean recorded this song on a cell phone. A cell phone. The thing I just used to “covertly” check if I had something gross dangling from my ‘strils.


Jake Hurwitz, the sexiest man I know (and also the co-host of the wonderful If I Were You), brings a tale about one of MDMA’s lesser known side effects. Plus, a British person reads one of your stories (which you can get to me 2 ways - upload it at or email it to me at

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It took Caldwell and Susanna less than two months to find the note I left in their Shrek 2 DVD case.

I should have anticipated a tenth anniversary viewing.


An adult owl marches about the countryside looking for food to feed its brood of hungry owlets on a farm in Lancashire. The bizarre scene was captured by keen snapper Austin Thomas who had to stay camouflaged and stop himself from laughing in case he scared the funny birds and missed out on getting the shots.  Picture: AUSTIN THOMAS / CATERS NEWS


Just after Infinite Jest was published, David Foster Wallace came to Boston and did a radio interview with Chris Lydon. Radio Open Source recently unearthed that interview, probably unheard for the past 18 years, and published it on their site.

When I started the book the only idea I had is…