Added this song on Spotify because I thought it was one of the tracks Jeff Tweedy did with his son (after all, it was featured on the Tweedy page). It’s not though.

My friend’s brother—frother, if you will (please don’t)—Sean recorded this song on a cell phone. A cell phone. The thing I just used to “covertly” check if I had something gross dangling from my ‘strils.

I was offended at first, but then I remembered that they said the same thing to Phil Spector.

35 Rappers on the Rise

1. Ma$hable: After his single “Thumbs Down,” a criticism of those who like their own statuses, went viral, “Ma$h” paid a visit to the crew at “The Today Show” and took a seat at the throne of social networkily conscious rap.

2. CecILL: Revisionist hop artist who spits exclusively about being the only white rapper in the history of the game, despite being signed to Eminem’s label.

3. Donatella Versace: Her self reference-laden response to Migos’ “Versace,” “Versace Also,” was a hit in both the fashion world and blogosphere.

4. Dr. Dre w/ a Mustache: He’s baaaaaaaaack for, um, the very first time, but anyone who’s heard “Never Heard About Dre w/ a Mustache” will tell you he has a familiarly legendary sound. Extremely familiar, even. Wildly close to one popular rapper from the past, but, like his trademark mustache, they can’t seem to put their finger on it.

5. KaZoo: Already a star in certain parts of Bushwick, “Special K, but Not the Cereal or Drug” looks to bring his kazoo covers of instrumental versions of A Tribe Called Quest songs to at least East Williamsburg, if not Bed-Stuy.

"Started From The Bottom" Drake Dance FAIL


There are some things you just don’t mind getting stuck in your head.